International Women’s Day: UberWOMEN take the wheel

March 8, 2018 / Ghana

International Women’s Day is more than just a day spent honouring the phenomenal women around the globe who have achieved great things. For us, it’s a movement celebrating the fact that women now have the ability to move around independently!

Driving a car isn’t just a way to get to work – it can be the work. For women around the world, Uber offers something unique: work on demand, whenever you want it. Drivers can make money on their own terms and set their own schedules.

We’re proud to introduce just some of the female faces of Uber in SSA! Thank you for continually moving our cities forward – we’re proud to stand by you all.

"For me to make a living on my accord is such a wonderful thing, it makes me feel empowered. Instead of just parking my car at home, I know that I can make a living out of it, I know that I can be self-employed on it. Uber has made it possible for my car to become a real asset.” - Khadija, Tanzania

My clients are from all walks of life - driving with Uber has given me the opportunity to gain a broader perspective of life in Cape Town. I’ve always enjoyed listening to people’s stories so Uber and I are a great fit. I've also equipped myself with skills such as money management, and can take responsibility for my savings.” - Constance, South Africa

“As a woman, Uber came in very handy because of its flexibility. In 2016, I resigned from my 8-5 job and joined Uber in the hope that I could look after my kids. I am now able to look after my child whenever she needs me, and I am still able to earn an income to support my family. “ - Nosipho, South Africa

“Driving with Uber has helped create a voice and a position for me in a tough economy like Nigeria. Now I worry less about my next source of income. Plus, I meet lots of wonderful people through the app!” - Bunmi, Nigeria

“I love the fact that I am self-employed and am able to drive at my convenience. The best part is that I am able to support my family from the income I get!” - Lydia, Uganda

“Uber creates incredible networking and helps to shape perspectives. It is also very freeing in the sense that you can literally just get up and make money!” - Barbara, Ghana

Happy International Women’s Day!

Team Uber SSA