Driver Announcements

Improvements for drivers are arriving now

October 30, 2017 / Ghana

Drivers have always come to Uber for work that is truly on their terms – work that fits around their lives and that’s available when they want it. Because of this, we’re committed to making driving with Uber as rewarding and as stress-free as possible!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be introducing changes and improvements to the driving experience over the next few weeks. These changes are not just about new features – this is our sustained commitment to building on our technology and transforming the entire driving experience in direct response to driver feedback. 

So, what’s new?


Long trip notification

Drivers will now be notified through the app when a long trip has been requested, which will help them decide if they want to accept or not. No more surprises!

Paid wait times

With arrival times just a few minutes, riders are encouraged to only request a ride when it’s time to leave. Starting at 5 minutes after arrival, riders will pay a per minute rate to drivers waiting for the trip to begin, so that they're compensated for the extra time spent waiting.

Ratings protection

Driver ratings will no longer be affected by factors beyond their control, such as an issue with the app or traffic. If a rider gives feedback unrelated to the driver’s service, the driver’s rating will not change.

Drivers can share their trip details

Just as riders can share their trip status with a loved one, drivers will now also be able to let friends and family track their trip.

Set your destination & arrival time 

This new feature lets drivers set a destination and receive trips heading that way - simply set a preferred arrival time for each destination and we’ll help you reach it on time.

This is not the end by any means. We’re still listening to you, taking on your feedback and thinking about how we can make things even better. Stay tuned as we continue to make these improvements!