Happy 5th Birthday, Africa! #5Years5Stars

September 9, 2018 / Ghana

It all started with the tap of a button, and has led to so much more – from exploring new cities together, arriving on time to those special moments and to thousands of economic opportunities created.

Five years ago we arrived in Africa and we want to thank you for the warm welcome and for being part of this incredible experience. From first dates, big interviews and new additions to the family – this road has been a shared journey, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

It’s our 5th birthday and Africa is well-known for the beautiful Big 5, so we thought we’d share the BIG 5 on how Uber has changed the way people move:

What was life like before Uber? Who knows!

By providing an alternative to car ownership to more than 1.3M riders across Sub-Saharan African, getting around your city has never been easier. Plus, with the introduction of low-cost products such as UberCHAPCHAP, UberPOA and uberBODA, there’s an option for everyone.

36 000 Economic Opportunities

In the short time we have been in Africa, we’ve enabled over 36 000 economic opportunities! The drivers who pick you up after those late nights out on the town, the ones who drive you to that first date, and the ones who ensure that you’re never late for that afternoon meeting? These are the real uberHEROES.

Your safety is our priority

We’re constantly working on improving our safety features, so that you feel more reassured before, during and after every ride.  Also, no matter where you are, you can share your trip with your loved ones and also get support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Reduce carbon emissions 

In most urban regions of SSA, single occupant vehicles is the biggest contributor to urban congestion and pollution emissions. At Uber, one of our goals is to mitigate this by helping to reduce the number of cars on the roads, especially through the practice of increased vehicle pooling - which is becoming more and more popular across the world.

Hungry, anyone?

Uber is more than cars. We officially launched Uber EATS in Africa, with some of the best restaurants in South Africa and Kenya. We're consistently working on expanding the Uber products to meet your needs! 

Here’s to next leg of the journey, Africa! #UBERMOVESAFRICA #5YEARS5STARS