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More than just a driver – your opportunities to grow with Uber

November 30, 2018 / United Kingdom

Partnering with Uber means you’re independent, but you’re not on your own. Drivers have told us they enjoy the freedom of being able to choose if, when and where to drive. But there are lots of ways to make additional money with Uber beyond just driving for longer, giving more support and opportunities to make more money when they’re on and off the road.

As an Uber partner driver, you have access to a growing range of benefits designed to help you grow and manage your business, develop new skills, and access channels to ensure your voice gets heard by the wider Uber organisation. These can help you make additional money through Uber, as well as helping you run your business more effectively. Some of these opportunities include:

Refer a friend

As a partner driver, you’ll regularly have access to referral schemes that offer financial rewards when you recommend a friend to both Uber and Uber Eats. Look out for referrals in your city soon.

Online Communities and Roundtables

Drivers in certain cities have the opportunity to apply to join the Uber Online Communities and regular roundtables. It’s a great way to earn money using your knowledge as a private hire driver. If selected to join the online communities, you’ll occasionally be asked to take part in short interviews, tasks or surveys about your experience with Uber, helping us improve the service with your feedback.

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Uber Engage

This programme is designed to give drivers a new way of sharing feedback. At launch, we asked experienced partners from the pilot cities to apply to represent drivers in local advisory groups. These advisory groups work with local drivers to capture feedback that will be used to inform future changes to the app, as well meeting with local leaders and hosting bespoke events. The Uber Engage programme is already live in several cities, and we hope to roll it out in other cities in the UK soon. We know your time is important, so if you are selected to join one of the advisory groups, and go on to attend roundtables, you’ll be rewarded for your time.

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