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Rates in the UK

October 14, 2022 / United Kingdom

Below are the latest minimum, base, per mile and per minute used in the calculation of the driver trip payment for each city and product. You can find the details for each trip on your Trip Receipt or Waybill in the Driver app.

How are prices calculated?

Uber’s upfront pricing system calculates the driver trip payment by estimating the duration and distance of a trip and then applying a set of rates to calculate the basic payment amount. Dynamic adjustments, such as surge, are then applied to help balance supply and demand, grow trips and provide access to better earning opportunities. Other fees and surcharges, such as wait time fees, tolls and airport parking charges, may be added to the trip payment paid to the driver.

The rider fare is calculated by adding a variable operating fee to the driver trip payment. More information on this is available in the rider app.

If your trip exceeds the thresholds of upfront pricing due to significant changes of route, destination, duration or due to extra stops since the initial booking, the upfront price will not apply. In these cases,  the actual duration and distance of the trip will be used to calculate the trip payment instead. You can find more information about pricing on this blog page.

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