Updates to cancellation fees and wait times

March 12, 2018 / United Kingdom

We’ve made some small changes to our wait times and cancellation fees that will help us make Uber better for you. From 14 March we will be increasing the cancellation fee depending on which product you are using.

From Wednesday 14 March drivers will only be able to wait at your pick-up location for a maximum of 8 minutes after they arrive. After this time, your trip will be automatically cancelled by Uber London and you will be charged a cancellation fee of £6 (increased from £5). 

  Auto-cancel wait time Cancellation fee Cancellation fee at airport (excl. London City Airport where standard fees apply) Paid wait time
uberX 8 minutes £6 £10 From 2 minutes
uberXL 8 minutes £8 £10 From 2 minutes 
uberEXEC 8 minutes £8 £10 From 2 minutes 
uberLUX 8 minutes £12 £12 From 2 minutes 
UberPOOL 3 minutes £6
ACCESS/ASSIST 15 minutes £6 £10  –

*If a rider cancels a POOL trip from the point of requesting, cancellation fee is £2

As is already the case, you will also be charged a cancellation fee if you choose to cancel your ride more than 2 minutes after your request has been accepted by Uber London.