London loves sharing

June 7, 2016 / London

In the six months since its launch in London, Londoners have chosen to share their journey by requesting uberPOOL over a million times.

uberPOOL matches you with another rider heading the same way, letting you share the journey, save money on the fare and help to reduce congestion and emissions. Whether or not the journey is matched with another, riders save 25% on their fare compared to uberX.

By combining two or sometimes three journeys into one car, Londoners have saved more than 700,000 miles being driven – enough to go from London to Beijing and back 70 times!

With the mileage savings come huge economies in fuel and emissions. So far, by sharing all or part of their journey, London riders have saved 52,000 litres of petrol and 124 metric tonnes of CO2. That’s the amount of CO2 released from burning 132,000 pounds of coal.

In fact, the emissions savings are likely even higher as we’ve assumed all those shared trips happened in an energy-efficient hybrid vehicle. In reality, that figure is closer to 50% of total London trips, meaning that we’ve probably saved even more.

Of course, this is just the beginning: we’re working hard to make uberPOOL a choice for more people. We’ve recently extended the area you can get an uberPOOL to cover all of zones 1 and 2, as well as Heathrow Airport. Now, whether you’re in Hackney, Hammersmith or Holloway, Peckham, Putney or Poplar, you can chose uberPOOL, save your pocket and help save the planet.

“We’re really pleased so many Londoners have chosen to share their journeys in the first few months of this new service. Not only does car-sharing save consumers money, it’s also good for our city as it means fewer miles driven and less air pollution. The number of people trying uberPOOL out is growing each week and we want more Londoners to leave their own car at home and share an Uber to get from A to B instead. That’s why we’ve just just doubled the area where people can request the service and plan to extend it even further in the coming months.”

Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager of Uber in the UK