Meet the real riders and drivers who get there with Uber

June 3, 2016 / London

In April we asked our partner-drivers and riders to share their Uber stories with us. We heard some amazing Uber tales from the rider who uses Uber to ferry their bunny rabbit around town to the partner-driver who is driving on the Uber platform to fund her dream of becoming an actress.

Our mission is to provide access to reliable transport options – everyone everywhere. It’s important that riders know that, wherever they need to go, we’re there when they need us. For many partner-drivers, driving with Uber is a way to get them closer to another dream – whether it’s funding studying for a qualification or buying a new home.

We invited a group of riders and partners to spend some time with us and tell us more about their Uber stories. These stories, as well as the real partners and riders, have become the focus of our first ever UK billboard and radio campaign, revolving around one simple idea: ‘Get there with Uber’.

Meet Januz
januz Januz is an Uber partner in London and studying for a Masters in Finance. He loves that Uber has given him the time to study and save for a house deposit.
Watch his story here
Meet Rute
rute Rute told us about how she uses Uber when her bags are too heavy to handle alone. Whether it’s after a shopping spree or heading to the airport she finds Uber a helpful way to lighten her load.
Meet Imran
imran Imran is an Uber partner in London who has done it all: he’s worked in mechanical engineering, leisure site management and now owns an Indian restaurant. He’s also a father to 2 little girls. Driving with Uber has enabled him to get closer to opening a new restaurant business.
Watch his story here
Meet Chris
chris Chris is a rider from London who was once in a pub and decided to spontaneously book a trip to Paris – leaving that night. Before he knew it he found himself requesting an Uber and heading to the airport.
Meet Virginia
virginia Virginia is a mother and Uber partner from Sheffield. She’s actually been a private hire driver for 17 years, long before Uber arrived in Sheffield. She loves that Uber is such a safe platform to drive on. One of her goals is to fund her next family holiday in Spain with the money she makes with Uber.
Meet Aimee
aimee We loved hearing about how Aimee likes to extend the fun of her nights out by turning her Uber into a karaoke car and singing herself (and her driver!) all the way home.

Want to see behind the scenes of the campaign? Check out our video here.