Psst, London! There’s a cheaper way to ride arriving Friday

November 30, 2015 / London

Next time you pull up at the traffic lights, look to your left and your right at the cars heading the same way. How many empty seats can you count? Chances are there’s only one or two people in a car that could hold four or five. Now imagine if we could take those people, all heading in the same direction, and bring them together to fill a single car.

We could materially reduce the cost for riders, help cut mileage and emissions and – as the cost of convenient, reliable, on-demand transport comes down – ultimately take cars off the road by making the need to own your own car a thing of the past. Not only that but uberPOOL means drivers have more fares, more of the time – so everyone benefits. That makes it the best choice for your driver, your wallet and your city.

How about 25% cheaper too? Sound good? Well boy have we got news for you!

Introducing uberPOOL: Cheaper, smarter, shared – and available from 4th December

uberPOOL is the smart new option that matches you with another Londoner heading in the same direction. Whether or not your journey is matched, you’ll save 25% compared to similar uberX trips.

The countdown has begun. Get ready to take the plunge. #uberPOOL
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