Helping riders with learning disabilities

June 19, 2018 / United Kingdom

For Learning Disability Week, we’ve worked with Certitude – a leading provider of support to people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health support needs and their families and carers – to give you advice on helping riders have a comfortable trip:

  • Greet them warmly
  • Understanding varies greatly from person to person – gauge their level of understanding and if necessary simplify your speech
  • Use objects or hand gestures to support communication
  • Speak slowly and calmly
  • If the person doesn’t communicate with speech, they may use visuals to communicate. In which case they may have a communication passport with them which they will bring out and use
  • Ask the person if they are happy with the radio volume – too many distractions can confuse people
  • Allow time for people to process what you have said and respond to it
  • Be observant and watch the person- their body language and facial expressions may tell you more than you think
  • Talk to the individual and not the carer, but don’t feel awkward about asking their companion for help (if applicable)