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Get your money faster with instant cashouts

August 12, 2020 / United Kingdom

Now you can cash out your earnings in the app anytime you like.

Instant cashouts will be available free of charge until September 21st, 2020.

As of this week, we are rolling out this product in the UK in stages, which means this new cashout option will be available to all partner drivers in the coming weeks.

Control how fast you get your money

When you earn with Uber, your money is transferred automatically once a week. Now when you cash out in the app, you can choose between Instant and two-day cashout (previously Flex Pay) options to access your earnings faster.

Here are the cashout options available in your area:

Cashout optionTimingFee
New: InstantIn minutes£0.50
Two-day1-2 business days£0.00
WeeklyOnce per week£0.00

Cash out now

How cashouts work

  1. Go to the Payments section of your Driver app.
  2. Tap Cash out then select your preferred payment method and cashout option.
  3. Swipe to confirm your cashout. You’ll be charged a fee depending on the option you choose.
  4. If you select instant as your option, your funds will arrive in minutes. Otherwise, if you cash out before 14:00, Monday-Friday, the funds will arrive within two business days.

Eligibility requirements

Once you’re eligible for cashouts, you’ll automatically be able to cash out your earnings. To become eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You’ve taken 25+ Uber trips
  2. It’s been at least 14 days since your first Uber trip
  3. You’ve passed Uber’s daily fraud and security screening