Uber Connect – Sign up for additional earning opportunities

February 10 / United Kingdom

What is Uber Connect?

Uber Connect can help friends and family stay connected by letting them send things such as board games, cards, or books to each other. With this new service, drivers will be able to pick up and drop off packages using the Driver app. You can now sign up to start delivering packages with Uber Connect.

Uber Connect deliveries are not undertaken by drivers as private hire journeys, and are not booked or dispatched through any of Uber’s private hire operator licences.

How can I sign up for Uber Connect?

  1. The first thing you need to do is to check whether your insurance covers the delivery of goods.
  • Not every insurance policy that covers the transportation of passengers will also allow you to transport packages.
  • Before making your first delivery, you must check you are covered for delivering goods as well as passengers. If you aren’t sure, you should contact your insurance provider to confirm whether you have the required insurance. See the ‘Tips on checking you have the right insurance’ section below for more information.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance covers the delivery of packages before signing up for Uber Connect.
  • If you sign up for Uber Connect without the required insurance, you will be in breach of the Connect T&Cs, and you may be in breach of your Private Hire insurance terms. Uber reserves the right to remove your access to the Uber Connect product or even deactivate your account completely.
  1. Once you have checked your insurance to confirm you have the required cover for delivering goods, go to the Work Hub section in the Driver App and select ‘Connect’.
  2. You will then need to review and accept the Terms and Conditions for this service.
  3. Once these steps are completed, you will start receiving Connect requests.

How does it work?

  • Accept a Connect request: It’s similar to how you confirm a trip request. You’ll receive a Connect request in the Driver app, and you can choose to accept or decline it. 
  • Meet the sender curbside: After accepting a Connect request, you may receive a message in the app from the sender with additional pickup and dropoff notes.
  • Check the package: Packages should be under 13 KG, under £100 in value, fit comfortably in the boot of a midsize vehicle and be securely sealed. The sender will meet you outside of the pickup location to load the package into the boot of your vehicle.
  • Deliver the package: Take the package to the recipient at the dropoff location. If you’re unable to connect with the recipient, try to contact the sender to resolve the issue before ending the trip. If you can’t get in touch with the sender, you should:
    • End the trip;
    • Go to the Help Section in the app;
    • Select ‘Trip Issues & Adjustments’;
    • Click on ‘I found an item’ and provide all the relevant details. 
  • You’re in control: If you prefer not to do package deliveries, you can turn off Connect in the Driver Preferences section of the Driver app. You can always turn it on again later.

Where is Connect available?

Uber Connect will be piloted between February and May 2021 in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.

Prohibited Items

Uber users must not use Uber Connect to transport prohibited items. Our prohibited item list includes the following: (i) illegal items; (ii) firearms, weaponry, ammunition, and their parts; (iii) batteries; (iv) highly perishable food or beverages (e.g., raw meat or dairy products); (v) pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter medications, vitamins or supplements; (vi) recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, or tobacco products; (vii) money, gift-cards, lottery tickets or transferable securities; (viii) dangerous and hazardous items, including explosives, corrosives, items that are poisonous or flammable, medical waste, environmental waste, infectious substances and other dangerous or hazardous items as described in applicable law; (ix) stolen goods; (x) fragile items; (xi) obscene publications and unlawful indecent images; (xii) animals, and (xiii) alcohol. 

Uber users who are reported to be transporting prohibited items will lose access to the Uber Connect product. In the event that a user sends an illegal item via Uber Connect, this will be reported to the law enforcement authorities.

Tips on identifying and reporting suspicious activity

At Uber, safety drives us. The following safety tips and resources have been shared by law enforcement to help keep you and your customers safe. Remember, if you’re in an emergency or feel unsafe for any reason, please contact 999. Other tips to keep in mind include:

  • Recognise the signs of suspicious activity and report anything suspicious that you see or hear to local authorities
  • If you are delivering a package and you suspect it contains a prohibited item, you can:
    • Refuse to take the package and cancel the job, or;
    • Take a photograph of the package and contact Uber Support. 
    • If you believe the package contains an illegal item, please report the incident and take the package to the police.

Additional Delivery Safety Tips

While delivering on the Uber platform, please remember to:

  • Park in a safe spot
  • Never leave your engine running
  • Lock your car whilst you are delivering the package to the recipient’s door
  • Keep track of your keys
  • Stay alert 

How to use Connect safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Picking up a package – All Connect senders are instructed to wait for you at the pickup point and put their package in the car boot themselves so that your contact with them is minimised. 
  • Dropping off a package – The receiver is instructed to meet you at the curb. Contactless delivery is encouraged and you can always ask the receiver to pick the package up themselves if you are not comfortable handling it. 

You can access all COVID-19 guidance and information about PPE and how to stay safe on the road here.

Tips on checking you have the right insurance

When you are checking whether you have the correct insurance for Connect trips some of the most common phrases to look out for include but are not limited to:

  • ‘Carriage of passengers or goods’
  • ‘Goods carriage’
  • ‘Carriage of goods’

Undelivered Items Policy

If you’re unable to connect with the recipient, try to contact the sender to resolve the issue before ending the trip. If you can’t get in touch with the sender, you should:

  • End the trip;
  • Go to the Help Section in the app;
  • Select ‘Trip Issues & Adjustments’;
  • Click on ‘I found an item’ and provide all the relevant details. 

You should keep the package safe and assist in arranging its return if possible. This could be either by arranging to return it to the sender or by booking an appointment to drop it off at the nearest Greenlight Hub.

We’re here if you need help

Thank you for playing such an important role in your community. This is a challenging time, but we’re here to support you. If you need help with an Uber-related issue, you can contact us by using Uber in-app phone support.