Our top tips for summer in Nantes!

July 19, 2017 / Nantes

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Finally, summer is here! So you can make the most of it, we’ve gathered our three top tips for summer in Nantes.

Where to cool off in Nantes this summer?

How about a former stone quarry? Just 20 minutes away from Nantes city centre, this is the perfect spot for your kids to cool off at, as well as for you to enjoy lunch and an afternoon in the sun with friends and family. You do have to pay entry but it’s not much: €3 per adult and €1.5 for children over 6 years old. Worth every cent.

Where to eat in Nantes this summer?

In the heart of the unique cultural institution “Le Voyage à Nantes”, La Cantine Du Voyage is more than just a place to eat. Thanks to its exemplary kitchen garden, it has developed a culture of organic food and responsible agriculture, which it aims to share with visitors. Enjoy a simple menu featuring all local ingredients, and at unbeatable prices too.

Where to have fun in Nantes this summer?

Ever heard of LU, a French brand of biscuits? Well in the heart of the city, the former LU factory has been renovated and turned into a cultural centre where you can enjoy shows, concerts and exhibitions. And it’s also the place where Nantes locals hang out with friends to share a drink, go shopping and relax. Check it out for a real dose of authentic Nantes fun.

Have even more summer fun

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