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Uber Bus for Business!

April 7, 2021 / Egypt

Helping businesses reimagine daily commute.

At Uber for Business, we are committed to helping your employees safely get to and from work while also looking for ways to help reduce the stresses of the daily grind.

How it works?

1. Dedicated buses on optimized routes and schedules

Routes and schedules are optimized for the needs of your team. Uber’s proprietary routing and scheduling algorithms ensure optimal efficiency and flexibility.

2. Smooth commutes with Uber’s world-renowned user experience

The service is fully integrated into the Uber app. Your team will be able to manage and track the full journey through the app. Our automated booking option makes the experience completely hassle-free.

3. Comfortable, reliable, & safe

With Uber’s one platform approach, we can offer buses in different sizes and tailored to your comfort needs. Naturally, all of Uber’s in-app safety features will be available.

What you get

Account manager

Dedicated to your day to day queries, performance reports, regular insights to improve the service and required changes

Operations visibility

To track the fleets, visibility on usages, performance summaries, billing and other account related details

Customized reports

Vehicle or driver performance, employee usages, ETAs, ETDs, delays and for other operational metrics

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