Select, a step above the everyday!

June 20, 2019 / Egypt

Introducing Uber Select. Get connected to the highest rated drivers on the road, and take a ride in our riders’ preferred vehicles, ensuring a top quality experience.

What makes Select Different

  • A minimum rating of 4.85 is required for all drivers to be eligible to drive with Select. 
  • The best car makes and models we have on our platform are only eligible for Select. 
  • All Select drivers must go through a specialized training to qualify. 
  • All Select cars must go through a rigorous vehicle inspection that recurs every 6 months.

Finding Select on the app:

If you cant find Select in your main product option list,for older versions of the app, swipe to the second slider. For newer versions of the app, expand your product selector.

Older version of the app: swipe right.                                                                                   

Newer version of the app: swipe up.   

Where does Select operate?

Currently, Select operates in Cairo only.