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For your safety

As a rider, Uber’s priority is to get you efficiently and safely to your destination. That process starts with a selection and training process for all drivers but it doesn’t end there. Here are the many safety factors that help protect you during your ride.

Background checks

Every potential Uber driver has to go through a series of checks on themselves and their vehicle. This includes a personal background check (including criminal record), drug test and driving license. Their vehicle is also inspected to make sure it meets Uber’s standards as well as meeting all legal requirements.


Before a driver can start work with Uber, they have to undergo a training program on how to use the app and navigation with a GPS system. They also have to be certified by our partner organisation Hasassmap after completing a training course in recognizing and standing up to sexual harassment.


Both driver and rider are insured by AXA for any Uber trip, giving complete peace of mind to you both.

Driver profiles

When you book a trip, the Uber app sends you details of the driver and the vehicle. These include vehicle make, colour and license plate number, as well as the driver’s name, rating and feedback from other riders. You can check all these details before you even get in.

24 hour, door-to-door service

The Uber app allows you to call a ride when you’re ready, and lets you know when it arrives, so you do not have to stand in the street while you wait. You can call an Uber at any time of the day or night and be assured of a ride in minutes. Your driver will drop you wherever you want.

Share my trip

During any trip, the Uber app continually updates the rider’s map location and time of arrival on a live feed – information that reassures you and that can also be shared from within the app with a loved one, trusted friend or anyone else you wish.

24-hour in-app support

You can contact Uber 24 hours a day directly through the app, including during a trip. A simple button gives you quick access to help whenever you need it, including the option to call emergency services. If there is a long, unexpected stop during a trip, both rider and driver receive a Ride Check notification to make sure everything is OK.

Rating and feedback:

You can rate and leave feedback on your driver at any time. Any negative feedback will be acted on, while any positive feedback helps improve the Uber experience for all riders and drivers.

Driver hour limits

After 12 hours of driving, drivers must take at least a six-hour rest before they can open the Uber app and drive again.

Random picture check

At random times during the day, the Uber app prompts drivers to take a selfie. This is compared to the photo on record and access to the Uber app is blocked if there is a mismatch. This system is your reassurance that the right driver is in the right vehicle