A safer summer with “Sayef Safely”

July 5, 2018 / Egypt

Safety is important to us, it’s at the core of everything we do. Despite Sahel’s sunny perks, being on the road could be a little dangerous. That’s why once again, we have joined forces with our insurance partner AXA to help raise awareness about road safety, and bring you a safer, sunnier summer with “Sayef Safely”. 
Being in the sun all day could be tiresome, and that big, delicious seafood meal could sometimes make you a little drowsy…The key to your safety in times like these would be leaving those car keys at home.
To encourage all you Sahel dwellers to leave your keys at home, together with AXA we’ll be offering promo codes every weekend with discounts on ALL your Sahel rides ALL weekend long. 
Where’s my promo? Follow us and AXA on the following social media handles to find out week by week: