Reasons to take Uber

October 12, 2018 / Europe

You already know how comfortable and convenient Uber can be. The more you use it, the more ways you find to take life’s little inconveniences in your stride. Life may not always go your way, but Uber does. Live life your way.

Stay in your comfort zone

Your car is in for a service, the train is always too full, and it looks like rain. Let someone else take the wheel.

It’s like a jungle out there

Finding a parking spot in the city center is never easy. And have you seen how badly other people drive? Grab an Uber instead.

Laziness is underrated

If you can check your emails while you ride, you can spend an extra 20 minutes in bed. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Go where the action is

Party in the park? Uber. You coming dancing? Uber. All back to mine! Uber.

The more, the merrier

You, plus three friends. Places to go. People to meet. Who wants to be the designated driver tonight? OK then, Uber it is.

Celebrate on your schedule

The last metro left ages ago. The burger joints have closed for the night. You’re still going strong. Where to next?

Enjoy your downtime

Holidays are the perfect time to not do anything the hard way. Take it easy with Uber.

Go with what you know

The language is different. The money is different. The food is different. Luckily, Uber is still Uber.

Give yourself some breathing space

Collect your thoughts en route to your meeting. Arrive feeling fresh and ready to do business.

Less hassle and more freedom are only a tap away

You might already use Uber, but only for specific journeys like going to the airport or heading out to a party. But there are a number of other moments and situations where Uber can come in handy.