Less hassle and more freedom are only a tap away

October 3, 2018 / Europe

Maybe you use Uber for specific journeys, like going to the airport or heading out to a party or event. But have you considered any of the other situations where Uber can come in handy? Here are a few ways you can use Uber to save you time and hassle.

Travel without delays, stress, or parking costs

Get to the airport in good time

We all know that last minute rush as you try and get everything done before a trip - somehow however much time you think you have there’s always just one more thing to get done. Stay in control and travel with less stress by taking an Uber to the airport. You’ll save yourself valuable time and avoid delays, hassle, and parking costs - arriving at the airport cool, calm and ready for your trip.

Take on a new city with confidence

Going somewhere new on holiday or on business? It’s always exciting to explore new cities and discover the unique restaurants, galleries and hotspots. But with Uber there’s no need to get tangled up in confusing transport options or lost in metro maps. Just tap the Uber app and you’re on the way to where you need to go. Happy travels!

Enjoy life the Uber way: quick, comfortable, convenient

Stay a step ahead of the weather

You know those mornings when you wake up and the rain is pounding on your window pane? Or maybe it’s too hot to handle outside and you’re breaking a sweat simply thinking about taking the bus. If the weather’s a problem, just jump in an Uber and get where you’re going in comfort. You’ll arrive feeling bright and breezy —whatever the weather.

From dusk until dawn

Quality time with friends is one of the life’s real gifts, so why stop the party early if you’re still having fun? Make the most of your evening out with friends with Uber - an easy way to go wherever the night takes you. All pile in!

Reasons to take Uber

The more you use Uber, the more ways you find to take life’s little inconveniences in your stride. Whether you’re out celebrating with friends, exploring a new city, or need to get to an important meeting relaxed and crumple free—with Uber you can live life your way.