Your ride for the journey ahead

May 14, 2018 / Germany
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Where to?

Life doesn’t happen in a straight line. It moves in every possible direction—up, down, sideways, backward. Each twist and turn brings a new challenge and experience. Sometimes everything goes exactly to plan but sometimes things get messy.

That’s why we’ve created the transportation app that moves with you. A reliable, convenient, and affordable way to get a hold of any situation. So no matter which direction life takes you, you can request a pick up.

The only question for you is ‘Where to?’

In Germany Uber is currently available in Berlin and Munich.

A tap away from a reliable ride

You will see your driver’s details in the app before you ride. So, whether you’re taking that first trip home or just heading to the airport, you can always request a ride.


1. Before your driver arrives
You’ll see their name, photo, car make and model, and licence plate number—so you know you’re hopping in the right car.

2. While they're on the way
The Uber app allows you to text or call your driver from an anonymised number to communicate any particular details about your pick up.


Share your arrival time with friends and family

Let others know you’re on the way. Share a live map of your location from the app and they can watch your trip as it happens—giving everyone extra peace of mind.

1. Before or during the trip
Scroll up and select 'Share Status'.

2. Enter the contact information
Insert the name or phone number you wish to share trip details with.

3. Confirm and send your trip status
Your contact will see a live map of your location.

One ride, different destinations

You can now enter multiple destinations in the app. Share rides with friends and family to ensure everyone gets where they’re going together. Everything’s better with company, especially Uber.

1. Open your app
Tap to open the Uber app on your mobile device.

2. Choose your own adventure
Tap the '+' button next to the destination box to add stop(s) at any point before or during your ride.

3. Change on the go
Add, change, or remove a stop from the on-trip screen—accessible from your app home screen.