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Commitment to community

Moving everyone forward

We’re firmly committed to moving everyone forward. How? By rethinking cities, collaborating to help make communities safer, standing up for inclusion and diversity, and helping to provide opportunities for all kinds of people in ways that never existed before.

Supporting cities

We’re committed to sharing resources with local governments to help make our cities safer, more efficient, and more beautiful—and we’re putting our resources to work to get it done.

Uber Movement gives new tools to urban planners

Uber is collaborating with city officials on a project called Movement, a set of mapping tools that use insights from over 2 billion Uber trips to help urban planners design the cities of the future.

“We’re excited to be one of Uber’s early partners on this new platform. We want to employ as many data sources as possible to mitigate traffic congestion, improve infrastructure, and make our streets safer for every visitor and resident.”

Muriel Bowser, Mayor, Washington, DC

Safer communities

It’s our mission not only to help people move confidently but also to innovate and advocate with community leaders to create better and safer ways to make it happen.

Alcohol is believed to be a factor in one of every 3 fatal crashes.

World Health Organization, World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Uber and MADD are working together to help save lives by encouraging people to leave the keys at home and take a ride on the safe side as a #DesignatedRider.

Diversity and inclusion

Helping people move confidently means supporting equal access to opportunities and ensuring an inclusive and respectful environment for all who use our service.

Our customers are diverse, and so are we

Uber is a global company with operations in 65 countries around the world. Our employees also have a diverse set of backgrounds and stories.

“Working in an environment where everyone can be who they really are, where people feel committed, and where the best ideas win—you need different perspectives which can only be achieved through diversity, inclusion, and acknowledgment.”

Amandine Aman, Head of Global Marketing Alignment, Uber

Opportunity for all

Each day, many thousands of people around the world use Uber’s apps to work in a way that fits around their lives. Independent work through apps like Uber can be a powerful tool for creating economic opportunity for people with different backgrounds and aspirations.

“Uber is the single best advancement for the mobility of blind people in the past decade.”

Mike May, President, Lighthouse for the Blind

Accessibility at Uber

We’re investing in solutions that support everyone’s ability to move around their community. Now it’s easier than ever for seniors and people with disabilities to use Uber.