Uber Pro Tips: Favorite Places and Surge Drop

December 16, 2014 / Prague



Hurrying from Christmas shopping home to get ready for Christmas Eve? Or rushing to work in the morning? We are bringing you a smart solution to order your ride even faster – introducing Favorite Places! Simply add the place where you ride most often in your profile section in the Uber app. Insert it once and you will no longer need to double-check that your address is correct and we’ll get you to your favorite place in no time, whether it be Home, Bar, Work – you name it!

work location







The holiday season brings Christmas parties, family visits and mulled wine meetups and we thrive to deliver you a reliable and safe ride. Our main aim is to connect Uber users with a reliable ride whenever they need one, regardless of how high the demand gets during peak hours.


We love to receive actionable feedback from our riders. That’s why we’ve made a number of changes in our service in Prague to ensure you still get a car even on the busiest nights of the year.  Uber is all about connecting you with a reliable ride, no matter when you need it. There may be short periods when demand heavily outweighs the amount of cars on the road. During those brief peak times the system will dynamically adjust prices upwards in increments to encourage more drivers to come online, and ensure that those who need a ride the most can always get one.


The transparency of our service is essential to Uber. We’re now taking it to the next level with a range of features to ensure sure that supply increases in order to meet overwhelming demand at peak times. Uber does this by dynamically increasing rates during peak times in order to maximize your chances of getting a ride. YourUber app will always indicate the current rates (both multiple and average fare range – look to the in-app notifications for guidance).

We know the reason you use Uber is that you’ve got places to go and people to see. We will stay true to our pledge to get you the fastest ride available, and surge is a tool to ensure that cars are always available. At those times when your schedule is flexible, you can hold out for a ride that’s as affordable as it is reliable. Just click ‘NOTIFY ME IF SURGE ENDS’ to be notified when prices return to normal. You will always be notified in the app before you request your ride.

surge screen

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Have a great holiday season!

Your Uber Team Prague