Ahoj! Secret Ubers arrived in Golden Prague

August 13, 2014 / Prague

From Prague Castle to the Charles Bridge, the Dancing House to the lively streets of the Old Town – there is no doubt why it is Golden Prague. History at every corner and beating arts scene, vibrant and modern city where you always feel magical.

We are so excited to be here in Prague!

Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful hot spots in Europe. And it is getting even hotter this summer as secret Ubers have arrived at the city today! We heard the call and there was no way we could ignore this glittering gem of city any longer. Whenever Uber launches in a new place we look for someone that gets the pulse of the city and this person is the first rider to request and hop into an Uber. For Prague it was Milos Cermak, a Tech Evangelist and inspirational blogger personality, to be our UberBLACK Rider Zero. He downloaded the Uber app and with the tap of a button his private driver showed up within minutes. Milos got picked up in Mercedes E-Class and was escorted to meetings and events throughout his busy day. And he most certainly rode in style!


New to Uber? It is quite simple. Here’s all you need to do to get started:

1. Download the Uber app to your iPhone or Android device.

2. Open the Uber app on your smartphone, request a car, and within minutes a nice car will show up and get you on your way.

3. No unnecessary waiting: you can see where your car is on the live map. Upon arrival of your driver you receive a push-notification so you can maximize your own time.

4. At the end of your ride, just get out of the car. No need for cash. You will receive an email receipt within minutes.

Pro Tip: Use the promo code AHOJPRAHO and get 400 Kč off your first ride with us! Please note that during the test phase there will be limited availability, so if you can’t get a car at first, try again in a few minutes! For this initial phase we are introducing Uber   with promotional pricing. We’re super excited to be here, and we hope you are too!

Have a ride and let us know what you think on Twitter, on Instagram, or shoot us an email to!

The Prague Team