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Basler Fasnacht 2019

March 7, 2019 / Zurich

The Fasnacht jitters are back around! The “three most beautiful days” start with the Morgenstreich at 4am on March 11 and end with the Endstreich on March 14.

Pickup Points

There are a few recommended pickup points in the inner city and along the route of the Cortège during this time, to make sure you can find your driver quickly after requesting a ride through the Uber app. This way, you can concentrate on enjoying the magic and chaos of Fasnacht without worrying about how you’ll get home after the last party of the night (or morning!).

How It Works

  1. Open your Uber app
  2. Choose the pickup point that is nearest to your location from the list
  3. Request your ride
  4. Follow the GPS in the Uber app to get to the chosen pickup point
  5. Find your driver at the pickup point of your choice
  6. Be on your way home!

Pro Tip

If you can’t find your driver right away, you can reach them via the chat function or by phone call in the app.

Using Uber for the first time?

New Uber users get CHF 20 off their first trip with the code FASNACHT. Enter it in your Uber app under “Payments” and it applies automatically on your first trip.

Mir wünsche e schöni Fasnacht!