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Service Quality

Quebec City

All you need to know to understand the rating system for Uber partners and provide a 5-star service to your riders.

How to receive 5 stars

Offering to your riders a 5-star service is important for your partnership with Uber but also very simple. Follow the tips below to improve your ratings and receive more tips:

  • Both the inside and the outside of the vehicle are clean at all times
  • Drive smoothly and safely while avoiding hard braking
  • Dress professionally, welcome and thank your riders
  • Use the GPS and ask riders for their preferred route
  • Ask your riders for their musical preferences and help with their luggage

Once you mastered the basics, follow the tips below to offer an amazing experience to your riders and go the extra mile.


Low ratings

Quality Training

How does it work?

Uber monitors the recent rating received by partners over the last few weeks to ensure a high quality of service. If the average of the last 25 rated trips is too low, quality tips and reminders are sent to help the partner improve his service quality.

Please note that several consecutive notifications can lead to the end of the partnership.

1st Notification: Education

Your average rating dropped below the minimum over the last 25 rated trips and we are sending you quality tips by email to help you improve. Your rating over the next 25 rated trips will be monitored.

2nd Notification: In-Person Training

If your average rating remains below 4.5 over the next 25 rated trips, your account will be temporarily suspended. Please visit your Uber Centre to receive a training on quality with one of our Experts and get back on the road. Your rating over the next 25 rated trips will be monitored. This second notification is the last one before a permanent deactivation.

3rd Notification: End of Partnership

If your average rating is still below 4.5 after 25 additional rated trips, you may no longer complete uberX or XL rides.

180 days of change

Rating Protection

When a rider gives a bad rating for something out of your control, such as price or issues with the Uber app, we’ll remove it from your overall rating. This way, your rating is a more accurate reflection of your driving and service.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why are we using the last few weeks of driving and not the average rating in the app?

    Your last 25 rated trips are more representative of the current quality of service provided then your lifetime rating. Using the last 25 rated trips does not penalize drivers who improved after a difficult stretch.

  • What is the minimum rating to receive a notification?

    Currently, the minimum rating to receive a notification in Quebec City is 4.5. Please note that the average rating in Quebec City is 4.8.

  • My app rating is above the notification threshold, why did I receive a notification?

    The average of your last 25 rated trips has fallen under 4.5, the minimum to receive a notification. Follow our quality tips to leave the low-rating area and receive more 5-stars trips.

  • How can I see the recent rating in my driver app?

    The earning section of our Uber Driver app contains a weekly breakdown you can consult to monitor your recent ratings.

  • Why is quality so important?

    Users receiving a high-quality service are more likely to use Uber again in the future. Providing a high quality service also leads to higher tips and benefits all Uber partners.

  • How is the app rating calculated?

    Your app rating is calculated with the average of your last 500 rated trips. If you didn't complete 500 rated trips yet, your rating is the average of all the ratings received.

  • When are the passengers rating me?

    The riders can rate their driver at the end of the trip but can also do it the next time they open the app. It's normal to receive rider's rating a few days later or to see the app rating changing even when not driving.

  • What is a good and a bad rating?

    The average rating in Quebec City is 4.8. Partners below 4.7 are usually at risk and should improve their service quality, the ones above 4.8 are already offering a very good service and shouldn't be worried by the quality training.

  • What if I receive 1 star by mistake?

    We want to make sure we consider this situation and you need to receive several 1-star to have an average below 4.5 over 25 rated trips. A rider giving you an "unfair" or "wrong' rating won't be enough to trigger a notification.

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