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The Quebec City Uber Centre will be closed Monday, July 1. Have questions? Visit for support.

Driver Requirements

Quebec City

Becoming an Uber partner is easy. Review the requirements below to make sure you qualify to drive.

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Driver requirements

  • Quebec Driver's License: 21+ years old, Class 4C Quebec Driver's Licence. Probationary or restricted licences are not accepted.

  • Background Check: A good driving record and no criminal or judicial record. Complete your background check at your Uber Centre and bring back your SAAQ driving record.

  • Language: Understand and speak basic French.

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Class 4C licence

You must obtain a Class 4C licence to drive with Uber in Quebec. The process is simple and we're here to help along the way. Note that you do not need to complete any courses as part of this process. Start completing your 4C licence by visiting your nearest SAAQ service outlet.


Police background screening

A background screening completed by a local Police is required to drive. Uber partnered with the Blainville Police and you can complete it directly at your Uber Centre:

  • Visit your Uber Centre with 2 government photo IDs
  • Fill a background check request
  • Uber will receive the results once your Uber profile is completed

Don't forget to also bring back your driving record from SAAQ, mandatory to start driving.


Tax numbers

All Uber Partners must have GST-QST numbers to drive on the platform. We will email you a form so you can easily submit or request your tax numbers.

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Background screening

At your Uber Centre

A Police background check is required to drive with Uber. Uber partnered with the Blainville Police and you can complete it at your Uber Centre:

  • Visit your Uber Centre with 2 government photo IDs
  • Fill the form to request the background check
  • Uber will receive the results once your profile is completed.
  • The background check cost is $80 and will be deducted from your first 4 weekly earnings

Driving record from SAAQ

Uber also requires a good driver record from SAAQ to start driving.

To be eligible to drive, you must not have more than:

  • 3 minor infraction during the last 3 years
  • no major infraction

You can request your driving record from SAAQ with the link below and you will receive it by mail within a week.

Don't forget to share it with us when received, you can bring it to your Uber Centre.

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