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The Edmonton Greenlight Hub will be closed on Monday, November 11. Have questions? Visit for support.

West Edmonton Mall

Instructions for drivers

Who wants to pay for parking? West Edmonton Mall makes it easy to catch an Uber to and from the mall. With designated signage and pickup locations, it's even easier for partners like you to cash in on the action.

Requests at West Edmonton Mall

Pickup information for drivers

We've teamed up with the mall to provide designated Uber signage and in-app guidance to both you and to riders to make pickups as smooth as possible.

Riders will select one of the following mall entrances in-app, and you'll be able to meet them there to complete your pickup:

  • First floor, Door 6 (near Bourbon Street)
  • First floor, Door 8 (near WEMFIT)
  • First floor, Door 40 (near TD bank)
  • First floor, Door 50 (near BEBE)
  • First floor, Door 52 (near Fantasyland)
  • Second floor, Door 1 (near Simons)
  • Second floor, Door 7 (near T&T)
  • Second floor, Door 45 (near Winners)

Pro tip: Keep an eye out for Uber signage at these entrances!

Rides to West Edmonton Mall

Drop-off information for drivers

There are no restrictions for dropping off riders at West Edmonton Mall—just make sure to confirm the correct drop-off location with your rider ahead of time.

Navigating West Edmonton Mall

Tips for a smooth experience

  • Pay close attention to which floor the pickup location is on after accepting a request, it'll help you ensure your pickup is a smooth one!
  • Waiting for a request? Kindly park in the parking lot—please avoid waiting in front of pickup locations or other mall entrances
  • Having trouble finding your rider once you've arrived to their pickup location? Get in touch with them through the app to confirm their location

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