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Stampede park

Instructions for drivers

During the Calgary Stampede, people will be looking for rides to and from Stampede Park at all hours of the day. We’ve set up three dedicated Uber Pickup Zones to make pickups a breeze.

Requests at Stampede Park

How pickups work

We’ve introduced three dedicated Uber Pickup Zones to make pickups at Stampede easier.

Note: These pickup zones are not waiting areas. Only use the pickup zones when you're picking up your rider. Please do not park in the pickup zones to wait for requests..

How it works:

North pickup zone: There will be two designated pickup areas on the northwest side of the festival grounds:

  • The east side of 1st St SE between 10th Ave SE and 12th Ave SE
  • The south side of 10th Ave SE between 1st St SE and Macleod Trail SE

South pickup zone: Drivers can access the southern pickup area by taking 25th Ave SE and turning onto 3rd St SE. Enter the ‘Cellphone lot’`to complete your pickup.

West pickup zone: There will be a designated pick up area on the east side of Macleod Trail just north of the NB Victoria Park/Stampede C Train Station

Rides to Stampede Park

Dropoff tips for drivers

When dropping off riders at Stampede Park, make sure to stop in a safe area and respect all traffic rules. Drive slowly! There’ll be pedestrians in the area heading to and from the Stampede grounds.

Pro tips

Keep in contact with your rider

The busy traffic during Stampede can cause stress for both you and your rider. We recommend texting or calling your rider when you’re having trouble finding them or when the traffic will cause your ETA to be higher than expected.

Confirm your rider's name

It helps to confirm you have the right rider by asking for their first name and checking it in your app. If you do pick up the wrong person, reach out to our support team at and we'll help sort it out.

No cowboy hats left behind

Did a rider leave something your car? You can snap a picture of any lost items and get in contact with the rider through your app. You’ll receive $15 once the item is returned.

Community Guidelines

We want Uber to be enjoyable and safe for everyone. These ground rules are designed to ensure that riders and drivers have a five-star ride when using Uber. Please take a moment to review them.


Driving time

For your safety and the safety of others, people who drive using the Uber app are limited to driving no more than 12 total hours at a time. With events happening day and night, plan ahead and remember to take rests.


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