What British Columbia would look like with Uber

March 30, 2016 / Vancouver

Have you ever wanted to peer into a crystal ball and see what the future looks like? Now’s your chance! As a part of the campaign to bring ridesharing to BC, we’re launching a “Future View” for British Columbia.

Open the Uber app and drop your pin in Vancouver, Victoria, or Kelowna to see virtual cars with wait times of five minutes or less. Unfortunately these cars are frozen, almost like progress on ridesharing regulations. Send an email to urge Christy Clark and the BC government to break them free and make ridesharing a reality in our province.


To date, British Columbia remains the largest jurisdiction in North America without ridesharing. While cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and even our neighbour Bellingham enjoy the benefits of Uber, our province is falling behind.

Premier Christy Clark and the BC government have the opportunity to establish British Columbia as a forward-thinking province and craft sensible ridesharing regulations that:

  • Empower people to earn extra income by driving their own car, on their own schedule
  • Enhance safety and reduce drunk driving by increasing reliability of late-night transportation
  • Combat congestion and reduce emissions by finally making widespread carpooling a reality with uberPOOL
  • Expand the reach of transit networks by introducing affordable first/last mile options
  • Encourage entrepreneurs by sending a clear signal that innovations and new business models will not be overwhelmed by outdated regulations and vested interests

Let’s stop falling behind, and start being the global leader in technology and innovation that we’re meant to be.

(You can read more about the need for smart ridesharing regulations in our letter to Premier Clark here.)