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Hours of service in Vancouver

January 10, 2020 / Vancouver

The City of Vancouver rideshare ordinance limits the number of hours that drivers can spend online across all ridesharing apps.

Driver hour limits

Online time is any time you’re driving to pick up riders, waiting for riders, and transporting riders.
Limit: 13 hours online in a 24-hour period
Once you reach the limit, you’re required to spend 6 consecutive hours offline before going back online

To help keep track of your online hours on Uber, the app will alert you when you’re approaching the City’s limit and when you’ve reached the limit. Note: If you’re driving on other rideshare platforms, it’s important to keep track of your total time online and not just your hours with Uber.

How this may impact you

This law applies to all BC drivers who drive for all carriers and rideshare apps. 

If you are unsure whether you work for a carrier and you hold an NSC safety certificate, please enquire.

Here are more details:

On trip—this includes enroute to your next pickup or waiting for a pickup—for no more than 13 hours
Minimum 6 consecutive hours offline before going back online
You may not exceed accumulating 70 on duty hours in 7 days
You may not exceed accumulating 120 on duty hours in 14 days
If you are on-duty within the 120 hour limit in 14 days, you must also go offline for 24 hours prior to accumulating 70 hours on-duty
You must go offline for 24 consecutive hours in a 14 day period
If you don’t follow the above requirements, your account will be at risk of being put on hold

You’re in control of your time—and we can help

You’re able to easily track the time you spend online with Uber and will be reminded when you’ve reached your maximum online time. Here’s how it works:

You’ll receive a notification when you have less than 2 hours left online, another when you have less than 1 hour left, and a final reminder when you have less than 30 minutes left

The app will automatically go offline if you’ve been online for the maximum amount—but don’t worry, you’ll be able to complete any trip you’re currently on

The app will let you know when you’re able to go back online to receive trip requests at the start of the 24-hour period

For more information, see the Province of British Columbia’s TNP Rules