uberPOOL Carpool Week

April 22, 2016 / Toronto

Help make every day Earth Day – carpool! Share your ride during rush hour with uberPOOL next week and help reduce congestion in Toronto while riding for $4 flat.

Drive our City to be Cleaner and Greener

uberPOOL is about getting more people into fewer cars. By sharing your ride, we can help reduce congestion, gas use, and emissions in our city over time.

Since launch in January 2016, we’ve already completed over 600,000 uberPOOL trips. Over 900,000 kms have been saved in Toronto by riders choosing to share their ride, instead of driving alone—that’s about 41,500 litres of gas saved.

How it Works

1. Select uberX
2. Request to ‘Share Your Ride’ with uberPOOL on the left
3. Ride uberPOOL Monday to Friday next week during the morning and evening rush between 7-10am and 5-8pm
4. Enjoy a ride for $4 flat

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