Early Success for uberPOOL in Toronto

July 17, 2015 / Toronto
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January 2016 Update: uberPOOL is back in Toronto! Get all the details here.

On Monday of this week, we announced that we’d be bringing uberPOOL to Toronto just in time for the Games. Day 1 (Tuesday) was quite the day – with over 2,000 Torontonians opting to share their rides on uberPOOL’s inaugural day.

Our aim with uberPOOL is to help reduce congestion during the Games and make it faster and more affordable to commute and travel to/from venues. After a few short days, uberPOOL is making good progress towards these goals.

Here’s the data from launch day, Tuesday, July 14:

  • ~60% of Uber riders opted for uberPOOL during the busiest traffic periods (morning and afternoon rush hour)
  • 50% of people who requested uberPOOL were successfully matched with other uberPOOL riders who were looking to go to similar destinations at the same time (this percentage was higher during rush hour)
  • HOV lanes have been well-utilized by uberPOOL riders


As a reminder, uberPOOL lets you share your ride and the cost with another rider who is taking a similar route. Say hello to those HOV lanes! uberPOOL is the same safe, reliable, and comfortable ride you know and love, for up to half the price.

uberPOOL sample trip
uberPOOL sample trip

Try uberPOOL today and do your part in helping reduce congestion in Toronto during the Games.