What Pride means to Ottawa drivers

August 25, 2017 / Ottawa

To celebrate Pride in Ottawa, drivers shared stories about what Pride means to them. These Uber partners come from all walks of life but are united by their passion for Ottawa and the Pride community. Get to know them below.

Mohamed M.

Mohamed left his country, Somalia, in 1994 to live in Canada. In Montreal before moving to Ottawa, his daughter and himself used to go watch the Pride parade every summer. They plan to attend this year’s parade during Ottawa Pride!

We are all human beings, and we should all be able to live in peace and love. I fully respect the LGBTQ community, happy Pride week to everyone!

Craig V.

For Craig, Pride is an opportunity to showcase love and respect towards everyone.

We should all have the right to be with the person that makes us happy, to love who we love. My daughter is gay, and I could not love her more. I believe in equality for everyone.

Our communities are brighter places when we support one another, and Pride is a great reminder to do just that. Please join us in celebrating the LGBTQ community and #RideWithPride this weekend.