Greater Accessibility for Riders in Ottawa

March 23, 2016 | Ottawa
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We’re excited to announce the next step in providing increased mobility to riders in Ottawa with uberASSIST, launching today at 3pm.

uberASSIST is an option designed for riders who may have a disability, older adults, and those who may just feel more comfortable with an extra hand when getting from place to place. Drivers will provide door-to-door service, helping riders to enter and exit the vehicle. uberASSIST will also be priced the same as uberX.

To further support those with accessibility needs in our community, we’ll be donating our share of each uberASSIST trip this week to the Ottawa Independent Living Resource Centre (OILRC).

With uberASSIST, riders can expect the quality and ease of communication that comes from our top-rated driver-partners, rated 4.6 or higher. Moreover, all uberASSIST driver-partners have completed a hands-on in-person educational session led by Tracy Schmitt, and developed along with an Advisory Board of non-profit organizations including AGE-WELL, SCI Ontario, OCAD Inclusive Design Institute, The Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT), and Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods.

“We assist in individual empowerment of all persons with any disability in the Ottawa area. We provide the tools they need to direct their lives and participate fully in the community. That’s why we’re so excited to be part of the uberASSIST launch here in Ottawa. It will provide individuals with another option that helps increase their mobility and independence within our city.” – Asheligh Nelles, Peer Support Coordinator, Ottawa Independent Living Resource Centre

“Transportation is our link to equal participation in our society. That link becomes even more important when you need assistance getting about. Everyone should have affordable transportation choices. uberASSIST is extending an affordable choice to riders who need some extra help, and awareness and skills to drivers who want to offer that choice.” – Jutta Treviranus, Director and Professor at Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

“I am excited by uberASSIST and Uber’s focus on continuing to increase the accessibility of its service. The thoroughness of the driver-partner education and the engagement and care from these individuals so far is truly impressive. This could be a major step towards a cultural shift in inclusivity. As someone with accessibility needs, I can not begin to state how important reliable transportation is to my daily life.” – Tracy Schmitt, Professional Accessibility Consultant

During the sessions, driver-partners went through accessibility awareness exercises, demonstrations on how to fold and unfold wheelchairs and on how to guide people with visual impairments, and more. This group of driver-partners also gained access to online learning modules to further their knowledge to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for their riders.


  • Open your Uber app
  • Slide the selector at the bottom of the app to uberASSIST
  • Enter and set your pickup location
  • Request an uberASSIST
  • PRO TIP #1: You can request an uberASSIST for a parent or grandparent – check out our FAQ for instructions
  • PRO TIP #2: After requesting, you can contact your driver through the app to provide any special instructions prior to your pickup

We’re pleased to be taking another step towards providing accessible, reliable, and affordable transportation for Ottawans. Read more about our partnership with AGE-WELL, and our other accessibility features. Be sure to check out the uberASSIST FAQs for more information.

*Note: If you’re using uberASSIST for the first time, and it is a Friday or Saturday (from midnight-7am), enter the code ACCESSCANADA to access the option.