Meet Nicole: Mother, student, and driver-partner

August 23, 2017 / Montreal

Born in the Congo, Nicole lived in Rwanda before calling Montreal home. As a single mom, student, and caregiver for her family, Nicole handles her busy life with a friendly smile. Moving to Montreal in 2007 to be closer to her mother, she recently enrolled at UQAM to study real estate.

Her favorite thing about driving with Uber is the flexibility it provides. Being able to set her own schedule means she gets to drop off and pick up her daughter from school. Her daughter, an avid reader who is passionate about cinema, gets to spend more time with her mom when she’s not at school or driving with Uber.

Aside from the flexibility it provides, Nicole enjoys driving because it gives her the opportunity to meet the friendly people in her city. Whether the ride lasts 5 or 15 minutes, Nicole enjoys the conversations they share. On occasion, riders just need someone to talk to, and she likes being that person for them. Meeting people from all walks of life and chatting with them is an extension of her warm personality. Not to mention, she is her family’s dedicated chauffeur and loves to drive.

What message would she like to pass on to all women who might like to do what she’s doing, but are still a bit worried? She says that she always feels safe and that there is nothing to fear, “If you’re a good driver, you can do this.”

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