Meet Christie: Mother, writer, actress, and driver-partner

August 22, 2017 / Montreal

For Christie, every trip is a story. As a creative writer and actress, she is fascinated and inspired by the people who get into her car every day. Dedicated to every individual’s story, she treats her riders like she does her friend. Always down for a chat, she’s the kind of driver that’ll make your day a little bit brighter.

Originally from Toronto, she loves the multiculturalism of Montreal. She loves the energy of the city and the French roots that make Montreal so unique. Dedicated to raising her son and going back to school for creative writing, driving with Uber means she can do it all. She signs online when she wants to, and even fits in some homework between trips.

After she finished up school, her plan is to write a book. Whether or not some of her rider’s stories will make it in there is yet to be seen, but you never know what will spark her creativity. For Christie, her life motto is simple: “If we do our best and give out positive vibes, positive things happen in return.”

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