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Los Ubers

Employee resource group

Uber’s community for Latinx employees and allies

Why we call ourselves Los Ubers

“Los Ubers” is the name we came up with for our Employee Resource Group. Though the word “los” is a masculine-gendered part of speech in Spanish, our group is emphatically inclusive of group members of all gender identities.

"In my time at Uber I've been exposed to so many fascinating topics, but one of the most interesting and unsolved is the challenge of building a diverse and inclusive work environment where perspectives from people of all backgrounds can contribute positively to our products and businesses. Often D&I is positioned as a cultural challenge, but I see it as a business imperative if we are going to build a global business and service a diverse customer base. I'm excited to be the Executive Sponsor of Los Ubers. On the professional front, I want to dig into the specific challenges of the Latinx community as it pertains to achieving success in the tech industry. It will be an area of professional development from me learning from the Los Ubers ERG. On the personal front, I grew up in the Bay Area and the Latinx community has been a huge part of the growth of our state so I'm excited to support it however I can."


Jason Droege

VP of Uber Everything & Executive Sponsor of Los Ubers

Cultural celebrations

We hosted Ceviche Making Night in San Francisco, Cinco de Mayo ("Happy Not Mexican Independence Day") in SF, LA, NYC and Chicago, Día de los Muertos luncheon in Amsterdam and set up an altar Phoenix.

Community engagement

We arranged an UberEspañol Driver Appreciation Event in Chicago.


Over the past year we've partnered with DevMission, Latinas in Tech, and hosted numerous educational tours and speakers.