Meet Drew: Skateboarder, Small Business Owner, SoCal Resident

May 9, 2017 / Global

Meet Drew.

Drew is the Founder of ShredLights, a product that’s “shredding” some light on the crack problem in this country. Shredlights are headlights for skateboards that are easily installed, used, and removed for nightly use. Drew had the idea for ShredLights while skateboarding home at night, falling because of an unseen crack in the sidewalk. When a car from behind illuminated his path he, literally and figuratively, saw the light.

Drew approached a 3D printing workshop about building the product and hit the pavement in launching ShredLights. Built specifically for sport, the product doesn’t interfere with performance skateboarding and is actually functional for the skateboarder.

What’s your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

“The potential upside of being an entrepreneur is infinite, you can work on your own passion projects and support your lifestyle. My favorite part is having so much passion for this company, that I don’t even mind doing menial tasks, because it is for the greater good of the company.”

How did you get started with Uber?

“It finally came to the point where my 9-5 job wasn’t going to work out with my ShredLights schedule, but I still needed some supplemental income in the meantime, so Uber was perfect.”

How does driving with Uber fit in with running your small business?

“Uber allows me to make money on the way to and from the office, as well as to fill in the gaps on nights and weekends. The time element is the best part, you can work whenever you have the time — and with a small business, that time gets pushed to the limit.”

“Uber can basically always fit into my day-to-day schedule because I can work when I want or physically can. Time is money, and Uber gives me the time…and the money.” 

— Drew, Owner and Founder of ShredLights

The ShredLights team has a deep-seated passion for their product, since they’ve experienced first-hand, the problems that can come with skating at night.

“As we like to say, 100% of skateboarders are affected by cracks,” Dre states. “Night skating is inherently dangerous, but using headlights for skateboards increases your chances of making it to point B safely.”

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