Summer getting the best of you? It’s time to get shaken, not stirred

July 17, 2018 / Dhaka

We have partnered with Long Beach Suites to bring you an exclusive sneak peek at their latest line up of Summer Shakes. Enter tag LBSHAKE18 on your Uber app and take three MOTO trips between July 17 to 24, 2018. 10 lucky winners get a chance to win a meal for two at the Cozy Lounge, Long Beach Suites, Dhaka


Milkshakes are an indulge-worthy dessert any time of the year. Whether you’re a classic vanilla type or want all the fixings, we have the perfect shakes to keep you cool this summer. Feast your eyes on two simply extraordinary summer shakes Long Beach has on offer!


These custom made shakes come in two mouth watering flavours – Chocolate Oreo Collision and Blueberry Splash. The Chocolate Oreo Collision comes blended from the finest vanilla ice cream topped with heaps of whipped cream, Hershey’s Chocolate sauce, dark chocolate brownie and M&M’s. You’ll also get a chocolate wafer stick and oreo biscuit wedged into the whipped cream itself. The Blueberry Splash is blended using fresh homemade blueberry jam and comes topped with whipped cream, assorted sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate wafer sticks and cherries to make it even more savoury. These monstrous shakes are unapologetically large and messy and we guarantee you’ll love it. All this comes bundled with a freshly baked Pepperoni Mushroom pizza along with a New York style chocolate and vanilla cake.

How it works:

  1. Enter tag LBSHAKE18 on your Uber app
  2. Take a minimum of three MOTO rides within July 24, 2018 and that’s it!

#UberProTip: The more MOTO rides you take, the better the chances of you winning this cool offer!


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