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Scheduled Rides

for extra peace of mind

Whether it’s an early morning airport run or a big meeting, with Scheduled Rides you can plan a ride 30 days to 15 minutes ahead of time.

schedule a ride

Have one less thing to worry about

5am flight? Meeting with your boss? A first date worthy of a good impression? Schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance for the most important events in your calendar.

Why it's helpful

Get a ride to the airport

Finally, there’s no need to wake a loved one for that middle-of-the-night flight.

Be prepared for work functions

With the schedule a ride feature, you can focus on the actual meeting—and not worry about finding parking.

Have a hassle-free evening out

Whether it’s a wedding reception, a cocktail party, or a dinner date with friends, plan a ride in advance so you can relax and have fun.

How it works

It’s easy to schedule a ride


Set pickup time

Open the Uber app and tap the ‘car-and-clock’ icon. Set up your pickup day and time by scheduling a 10-15 minute pickup window in advance.


Add your trip information, get a fare estimate

Enter your location and destination to get a fare estimate. Note: this estimate does not include any future surge pricing that may be in effect when you ride.


Tap ‘Schedule’ to confirm your upcoming ride

Check the details of your upcoming trip and tap ‘Confirm pickup.’ A window will pop up to confirm your upcoming ride details.

You can edit or cancel your ride at any time—simply tap ‘Manage Ride’ in the app to make changes to your ride ahead of time.

Great for business travel

Get your employees early access to Scheduled Rides by enrolling your company in Uber for Business, a travel management platform that makes expensing business rides easy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Where are scheduled rides available?

    Scheduled rides are available for pick-ups in select areas within

    • New South Wales: Sydney and Newcastle
    • Australian Capital Territory: Canberra
    • Victoria: Melbourne, Geelong
    • Tasmania: Hobart
    • Queensland: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba
    • Western Australia: Perth
    • South Australia: Adelaide
    • New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch
  • How long will the car wait for me once it arrived?

    Your driver should arrive within the pickup window provided to you when you scheduled your ride. Once the driver has arrived, you will be notified and your driver will wait 5 minutes for you to meet the car.

  • How much does it cost?

    Scheduled Rides are priced exactly like a normal ride and subject to pricing conditions at the future time when the booking is confirmed. Surge pricing may apply. You will be notified if surge pricing is in effect before you ride and be given an option to cancel without a cancellation fee.

  • Can I schedule a ride with any product (UberBLACK, uberXL, etc)?

    Scheduled Rides are available for UberX in all of the cities where the Scheduled Ride feature is available, as well as UberXL in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast, and UberSelect in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

  • What if I need to cancel my scheduled ride?

    No problem. You can cancel anytime before you get confirmation that your car is on the way to pick you up and, when it's on the way, you can cancel up to 2 minutes (per our normal policy) without a cancellation fee.

  • How will I know that my ride has been successfully scheduled?

    Once you’ve scheduled your ride, you’ll receive an email confirmation and you’ll also be able to see your upcoming rides in the trips section of your app menu. Your ride has only been confirmed once your car is on the way and you receive the driver's details through the app.

  • Am I guaranteed to get a ride?

    Uber monitors availability to ensure that a car will arrive during the period you schedule a ride, but cannot guarantee your scheduled ride. If a car cannot be found, you’ll be notified immediately, just like a normal trip.

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