Today we’re introducing a new ride option – Uber Premium in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Adelaide. Uber Premium will replace all existing premium ride options (Uber Select, Black, Lux, and SUV) and offers riders elevated comfort and style, personalised rides and extended pickup periods.

Uber Premium has been introduced following feedback from drivers and riders who have told us that the current range of premium rides have not always delivered the experience that’s expected. With the introduction of Uber Premium, we’re pleased to provide riders and drivers with an improved and simplified experience. We also hope that the change will lead to more Premium trips for drivers. 

Key features of Uber Premium include a revised luxury vehicle list, exclusive features and experienced drivers at a price point that is between an UberX or Select and slightly less than an Uber Black.

Some of the other features include: 

Arrive in style

Special occasions, business meetings or the airport – get there in a luxury car.

To your liking

Request a quieter ride, cooler temperature or help with your bags. You can personalise your trip with in-app Ride Preferences.

On your schedule

We know you value your time, and so do we. With extended pickup periods your driver will now wait up to 10 minutes*

While Premium is being introduced today, Select, Black, Lux and SUV will continue to be available in the app until 20 August 2019.