Riders and eaters tell us they want to do more to say thanks to driver and delivery partners who go above and beyond. This could be playing a great song at the right time, lending a hand with a heavy piece of luggage, or delivering food to an apartment up a flight of stairs.

Across Australia, millions of 5-star ratings with compliments have been given by riders to outstanding driver-partners in the past year – as well as millions of ‘thumbs up’ ratings have been given to Uber Eats delivery-partners.  

Driver and delivery partners often go the extra mile to offer exceptional service, but until now there wasn’t an option for riders and eaters to reward this other than providing a five-star rating with compliments on Uber or thumbs-up on Uber Eats.

We have often heard from riders and eaters that they would like the opportunity to show their appreciation for great service. We are now offering them the opportunity to recognise and thank partners for the things they do to make the experience more magical, memorable and fun.

From today, you will be able to ‘add a tip’ to both an Uber ridesharing and Uber Eats trip. This is easy to do:

  1. Following your next trip or Uber Eats order, you’ll see the usual rating screen
  2. Once you’ve rated and left a compliment, you’ll see the option to leave a tip
  3. Select an amount from one of the preset options of $1, $3 or $5 – or input your own amount up to $50 and submit

This a small step we’re taking to help riders and eaters celebrate the driver partners and delivery partners who go the extra mile in their own special ways, via an easy and meaningful way to say “cheers” for a job well done.