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UberBLACK at Sydney Airport

Instructions for drivers

Riders at SYD can request Uber when leaving the airport. Learn how to receive these trip requests and cash in on the action.

Pickups at SYD

How UberBLACK pickups work

Waiting area

UberBLACK driver-partners should wait at the usual hire car areas at both the international and domestic terminals.

Virtual queue

Once a driver-partner has entered the hire car waiting area they will be placed in a virtual queue, which means they’ll receive trip requests on a first in, first out basis. This system ensures that driver-partners who have been waiting the longest get the requests first, instead of the usual system which allocates a trip to the driver-partner who is closest.

Driver-partners will be able to move between the yellow waiting area indicated on the map below without being removed from the queue.

UberBLACK pickups at SYD

Domestic terminal map for UberBLACK

Map key:

  • Yellow = waiting area
  • Orange = entry route
  • Green = pick-up zone
  • Red = exit route
  • Blue = rider walking route to pick-up zone

International terminal map for UberBLACK

Frequently asked questions

How does the Sydney Airport Access Fee work?

The Sydney Airport collects an Access Fee for both international and domestic terminals through the e-TAG system. This fee is passed on to the rider, and you are reimbursed for 100% of this amount through your Uber trip (the Uber service fee does not apply to this fee). It will appear on your Uber receipt as “Sydney Airport Access Fee”.

  • International terminal: $11
  • Domestic terminal: $8.40

How do I know what position I am in the queue?

Shortly after arriving in the designated waiting area, your position in the queue will appear. It’s important to remember that position in queue won’t always mean the same wait time; for example, position 15 can sometimes wait 30 minutes and other times only 5 minutes.

Note that BLACK, LUX and SUV all have their own queues.

Do I lose my place in the queue if my rider cancels?

You do not lose your place in the queue if your rider cancels.

You will lose your place in the queue if you do any of the following:

  • Leave the waiting area
  • Reject a request
  • End or cancel a trip
  • Go offline

Why did I get a request from the suburbs even though I was waiting for an airport request?

So you can spend more time on-trip and less time waiting, you will still be eligible to receive normal trip requests from the surrounding areas while in the waiting area. These requests are based on the normal distance-based system, not the virtual queue.

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