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Helping riders with assistance animals

You can help riders with service animals by welcoming their animal into your car and by not interrupting their work by patting or distracting them. Service animals help a wide range of people with disabilities.

The basics

What is a service animal?

Identifying service animals and assistance dogs

Assistance animals help people with a variety of disabilities, both visible and invisible. They can be any breed of dog, depending on the disability of their handler.

Most assistance dogs will be wearing an identifiable piece of clothing to distinguish them as a working dog. Usually, assistance animals and their handlers are provided with photo ID.

If you are unsure whether a rider’s animal is a service animal, simply ask them politely. If they answer yes, you must accept the animal.

Welcoming service animals

Always allow service animals into your car

The law requires transport service providers to accept assistance animals into their vehicles. Service animals are trained to enter the car before their owner and sit on the floor.

To avoid interrupting their work, you should never touch or interact with the animal. If you are concerned with keeping your vehicle clean, it’s a good idea to provide a towel or blanket for the animal to sit on.

Assistance dogs are experienced professionals and should be well-trained and focused on their handler at all times. Assistance dogs are trained to not be a distraction to the driver.

Driving with service animals

  • Assistance dogs help a wide range of people with disabilities
  • If you are unsure whether a rider’s animal is a service animal, simply ask them politely
  • Open the door for the animal to enter your car first, as they're trained
  • Consider carrying a towel for the service animals to lie on
  • Avoid interacting with service animals, so they can do their job
Uber's Assistance Animal Policy

Driving with service animals