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Driver accreditation with the TSC

How to provide supplemental information

After you have completed the The Taxi Services Commission’s (TSC) application form, you will be required to upload documents via their document upload portal.

To access the TSC document upload portal you’ll need the following:

  • Your unique application reference number - you’ll find this in your email from the TSC along with a link to the portal
  • Your driver’s licence number
  • A clear photo or scan of each document you are required to upload

The documents you are required to upload will vary and can include each of the documents listed below. We recommend taking the time to read your emails from the TSC to determine exactly what you are required to upload.

Submitting clear documents

You can upload either a scan or photo of each document but make sure it is clear. If the TSC are not satisfied with the scan or photo you have provided they will ask you to provide it again which is likely to delay the processing of your application.

Medical Assessment

Every driver accreditation applicant must undertake a medical assessment with a health professional to ensure their fitness to drive. The can complete a medical assessment with Jobfit Health at their clinic at the Uber Greenlight Hub. Your local doctor is likely to also provide this service (although pricing may vary.)

For a limited time you can complete your medical free of charge at Jobfit’s clinic on site at the Uber Greenlight Hub. You can make a booking by clicking below.

You'll need to print the following two forms and take them to your appointment:

After uploading your medical assessment, the TSC may request that you provide further information. If this is the case, the TSC will contact you by email outlining what they require.

Certified Identification Documents

Upon completing the online application form from the TSC you may be required to provide 100 points of certified identification.

Accepted identification includes: Passport (current or expired within last 2 years but not cancelled) Australian citizenship certificate Australian birth certificate Diplomatic or refugee documentation

Further information on accepted identification can be found here.

You can have your documents of identification certified by an appropriate member of: medical practitioner police force pharmacist barrister or solicitor an accountant (Chartered Accountant (CA) Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) bank manager Dentist

More information on certified documents can be found here.

Please reply promptly as the TSC does have a limited timeframe in which they accept supporting documentation before your application expires.

Change of Name Documentation

if you provide 100 Points of identification to the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) that are under two or more different names (e.g. birth certificate in maiden name and driver's license in married name) then you will be required to provide further identification documents. These may include a Change of Name or Marriage Certificate issued by a State or Territory Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages, or Divorce Papers issued by the Family Court.

These documents do not count towards your 100 points of identification and they must be originals or certified true copies. You will need to upload these supporting documents to the TSC Document Upload Portal to complete your application. You can find the link to this portal and your required documents in your emails from the TSC.

Please also reply promptly as the TSC does have a limited timeframe in which they accept supporting documentation before your application expires.

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