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Helping riders who are blind or have vision impairment

You can usually help people with vision impairment by offering to guide them to your car. Some people may not need or want that assistance.

Guiding a rider

If a rider needs assistance, try offering your arm to guide the person to the car. Be descriptive about what you're doing and what’s around you, including obstacles like curbs or stairs.

Not just a policy, not just a law

Service animals play a vital role in the daily lives of thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand. Driver-partners are legally required to accommodate service animals trained to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities. If you are unsure whether a rider's animal is a service animal, you are within your rights to ask them politely.

What about assistance animals?

Riders who are blind or have vision impairment may have assistance animals with them. It's important to let assistance animals in your car—they are generally allowed to go wherever their owners go.

Get tips about service animals


  • Avoid guiding a rider without their permission
  • Offer to guide the person to your car
  • Describe where you are and what's happening
  • Allow service animals in your car

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