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Cycle Safely

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Help keep yourself—and others around you—safe when you ride. Are you familiar with bike road rules in your state? Interested in tips to ride safely and maintain your bike? We’ve pulled together a collection of informative videos and tips for each state. You can access these videos using the video library below.

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Maintaining your bike

Want more videos? Check out the video library below covering a range of topics to keep you safe while cycling.

Tips for safer deliveries

1. Know before you go

Plan and familiarise yourself with your route before you ride, and do not ride on roads where there is a no-bicycles sign. Generally, these signs are found on tollways, motorways, bridges and tunnels.

2. Mount your phone

Having your phone in a phone mount as you deliver keeps your hands free so you can hold your bike’s handlebars and focus on the road.

3. Secure your delivery bag

Checking that your straps are in good condition and that your delivery bag is secured on your bike helps minimise it moving around while you ride.

4. Be ready for the conditions

If it’s looking like wet weather, make sure you’re prepared with the right wet weather equipment, such as a rain jacket and pants.

5. Use bicycle navigation

In the Uber Driver app, you can set your navigation to be optimised for bicycle. This helps you get to your destination faster, and keep you safer.

change navigation

Resources by State

Want to know more about road rules?

Bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as other road users. There are also special road rules in each state that only apply to bicycle riders. If you want more information on the road rules for your state, check out the links below.

ACT: Transport Canberra ❯

NSW: RMS bicycle handbook ❯

NZ: NZTA cycling rules ❯

QLD: TMR cycling rules ❯

SA: Cyclist road rules ❯

TAS: Transport TAS cycling rules ❯

VIC: VIC Roads bicycle rules ❯

WA: Transport WA bicycle rules ❯

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