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Boost is available for select products in select cities. With Boost, you’ll see Boost promotions for specific times and locations in-app.

Live map

To help you plan your trips, you can see when a Boost promotion is available for each zone in your city. You can see this whether you’re online or offline.


Before you start your trip, you’ll see an in-app message that shows you when and where you can find Boost zones (if available).

Promotions hub

Check the ‘Promotions’ section of the app to see upcoming Boost promotions. The date, time and zone of upcoming Boost promotions will be updated regularly.

How Boost zones work

Each zone will show a multiplier of the fare when a Boost promotion is available. When you begin your trip within a Boost zone, you will receive a Boost promotion amount for trips started in that zone within the Boost period. This Boost promotion amount is calculated by multiplying your gross fare by the multiplier displayed in that Boost zone.

Find zones in the app

To find the current Boost zones, check out the live Boost map in the app, which shows the current Boost promotions for each zone. You can view upcoming Boost promotions by checking the ‘Promotions’ Hub of the app.

How Boost payments work

The Boost promotion you receive depends on the Boost zone where you begin your trip.

For example, Ben completes a trip with a gross fare of $10. The Uber service fee payable by Ben for this trip is, assuming a service fee of 30%, is $3.00. He would receive $7 (net).

However, if Ben started the trip in a Boost promotion zone that had a multiplier of 1.2x, the gross amount he would receive for the trip would increase 20% to $12. The service fee would remain the same at $3 leaving him with $9 (net). Note that Boost promotion amounts are not included in the fare and are not subject to the service fee.

Your trip summary will show the amount you received for the Boost promotion. The Boost promotion amount is separate to the gross fare you receive and is paid to you as a separate incentive.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does Boost apply to all trips?

    No. You will receive a Boost promotion only when you start a trip within a Boost zone, at the specified times when the Boost promotion is available. Log into your account and check the ‘promotions’ section of the app to see when and where Boost promotions are in effect.

  • How do I know if I'm eligible for a Boost promotion?

    Check the live map in-app for current Boost promotions, and the ‘promotions’ hub in-app for future Boost promotions. Check the live map in-app for current Boost promotions, and the ‘promotions’ hub in-app for future Boost promotions.

  • How does Boost work with batched orders (UberEATS)?

    If you pick up two deliveries from the same restaurant and Boost is in effect for those deliveries, a Boost promotion will apply on both deliveries.

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