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Find out about how they work and how reimbursement for tolls works.

How tolls work

Tolls incurred whilst a rider is in the car are reimbursed.

The GPS in your phone will register when have gone through a toll and add it to the fare.

You will be able to see that the toll has been added to the fare on the Fare Breakdown screen in your Uber driver app and this will appear in your weekly statement.

Note: The Uber service fee is not applied to tolls.

How toll reimbursements are calculated

Tolls are reimbursed according to the current Citylink Everyday Account rates which can be found by accessing the most up-to-date Citylink Pass and toll prices form.

For more information on signing up for an Citylink Everyday Account, head to the section below.

Note: Uber will not reimburse partners according to the rates of other Citylink accounts including (but not limited to):

  • Taxi Accounts;
  • Access Accounts;
  • Melbourne Pass;
  • 24 Hour Pass;
  • Weekend Pass;

How to review a toll calculation

If during a trip you have passed a toll and the value has not automatically been included in your Fare Breakdown after the trip has finished, please request a toll review.

Do this by navigating to the 'Help' section of the Uber driver app, selecting the trip and then selecting:

  • 'Issues with my Fare'; followed by
  • 'My toll wasn't included in my fare'

Register for a Citylink Everyday Account & E-Tag


Pro Tips

1. Before you get online

Register for an account

If you haven't already, driver-partners are recommended to register for a Citylink Everyday Account and E-Tag.

Note: Uber will only reimburse partners at the current Citylink Everyday Account rates.

2. When you're online

Check with the rider

If the in-app navigation is directing you to a toll road, it is good courtesy to let the rider that the recommended route includes a toll(s).

If the rider would prefer to avoid the toll(s), it's then recommended to proceed using an alternate route that avoids the toll(s) and reaches the rider's destination.