Uber for Business

It’s official—we’ve integrated with Xero to help simplify expenses

February 3 / Australia

Looking for a seamless way to better manage travel for your organisation and help your employees save time on business travel expenses? Our integration with Xero Connect reduces administrative burden and reconciliation for travel managers and their travellers. 

Travel managers who use Uber for Business with Xero can simplify their expense processes as well as help streamline cash flow with monthly billing. Instead of paying per trip, organisations can elect to set up monthly billing for their Uber for Business account, eliminating the hassle of handling multiple trips and receipts from employees. 

And with Uber for Business linked to your Xero account, Uber statements flow seamlessly into Xero. This can save organisations time, reduce the amount of manual data entry, and can increase the accuracy of expense management and reconciliation. 

“We’re constantly on the move, so using Uber for Business to manage staff travel is a no brainer for us. We’ll save even more time at the end of month by removing manual data entry. ”

Alyce Tran, Co-Founder of The Daily Edited

Customise your organisation’s experience

While employees get the freedom to set up business profiles to keep work and personal trips separate, Uber for Business lets organisations manage how their employees use Uber for work-related trips.

  • Account management: You can enable employee access and monitor trip activity. Employees can use a central payment account or, if you prefer, request reimbursement for business-related rides
  • Expenses made easy: Tag trips with an expense code and notes.
  • Set Uber rides policies: Create customised policies that limit when and where your employees can travel
  • Report back: Create customised trip reports that include the details you need to keep track of all the rides taken on your Uber for Business account.

5 easy steps to get started

In a few simple steps, you can connect your Uber for Business account to Xero.

Step 1. 
Visit the Xero Marketplace and search for ‘Uber for Business’ and click on the Uber tile. 

Step 2
Click the ‘Sign In’ button and log in using your Xero credentials. Sign up for Uber for Business here if you don’t already have an account.

Step 3.
Select the Xero organisation that you would like to connect and click ‘allow access’

Step 4. 
Enter your Uber for Business details including your Uber admin email address and dashboard URL, followed by your Xero details. 

Step 5. 
Check your email for a confirmation from Uber for Business verifying your account. 

Once you have an Uber for Business account, we strongly encourage you to apply for monthly billing in your Uber for Business dashboard. 

I’m all signed up, now what?

Sit back and enjoy simplified reconciliation and accounting. Every month, Uber will email you a PDF statement outlining the trips taken during the applicable billing period for employees linked to your Uber for Business account. Then, the statement data will automatically be extracted into a draft bill in your linked Xero account. You can then review, approve and pay the draft bill in Xero. Once the payment record is imported into Xero via your bank feed, your payment will automatically be matched to the relevant Uber for Business statement and reconciled.

It’s only after we’ve helped organisations save precious time processing travel costs, simplify reconciliation, and provide a seamless experience for their employees that we’ll consider it a job well done. Head over to the Xero App Marketplace today or create an Uber for Business account today to get started.

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